Samuel Crume

Senior Client Associate
Sam Crume, Senior Associate at Caprock

About Me

There wasn’t one specific moment that made me want to work in wealth management. It was a slow discovery in which I realized that I wanted to apply my own skills to truly help families rather than simply trying to sell them products.

I love helping our clients navigate the financial industry and truly understand what is happening with their investments. A lot of the math and concepts in the industry are simple, but they’re usually overcomplicated by a sea of jargon. Our clients are amazing and the situations we are tasked to plan for are so much more impactful than simply investing on behalf of an institution.

I have had families come to me in crisis, and helping them work through those crises in an optimal manner and providing relief has been deeply gratifying. I remember onboarding one client whose spouse was dealing with a potentially terminal illness. The investment knowledge of the family was siloed. With the help of my team, we were able to assist this family by taking an inventory of their assets, creating a plan for the coming years, and executing that plan. As a result, this family was able to focus on the important matter at hand rather than the complexities of their financial situation.

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Park City 


B.S. in Finance Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University 


Spending time in the outdoors, geopolitics, history

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