Access Ventures: One-Pocket Investing Whitepaper

One-Pocket Investing approach operates with the understanding that organizations and individuals don’t have to compromise their missions and values to achieve financial return objectives.  While this idea is not new and leading thinkers like Jed Emerson have shared this perspective for many years, only a small minority in the investor community are managing their assets with this approach today.

Founded in 2014, Access Ventures is a private operating foundation with the mission to create a more inclusive economy.  Access Ventures simply rejects the notion that only the “philanthropic pocket” can be stewarded for good and that the sole objective of the “investment pocket” is to make as much money as possible regardless of the negative societal and environmental consequences created in the process.  With this belief, the foundation, since its inception, has committed to invest 100% of its endowment towards its mission.  Access Ventures has been a catalyst in building a more inclusive economy by deploying different types of capital – grants, Program-Related Investments (PRIs), and market-rate investment capital – as appropriate, guided by the unique needs of communities the foundation serves.

What further distinguishes Access Ventures is its openness to share their investing approach with fellow investors and invite them to this important journey.  Their whitepaper on One-Pocket Investing is one of the foundation’s efforts to continue to raise awareness and create a dialogue around this approach in stewarding assets.

Caprock is excited to walk along side Access Ventures to help design and execute its One-Pocket Investing approach.