Caprock Seeks to Bring on Additional Advisors and Eyes Acquisitions for the First Time in 18 Years History

Since its founding in 2005, Caprock has grown 100% organically through referrals, and now the firm is exploring inorganic growth opportunities to expand its reach. Emily Blue, who previously worked at Mariner Wealth Advisors, was recently hired as Caprock’s Head of Corporate Development to lead the acquisition efforts.  

The vision for Caprock over the next five to 10 years is delivering the exact same quality of family office service currently provided for ultra-high-net-worth clients, but at a greater scale and in more markets. The firm is looking to bring on advisors and other like-minded firms that may have a desire to support clients through completely aligned wealth services but don’t have the resources and scale needed. With clients in 25 states, the firm is focused on areas such as Texas, Florida, California, and the Boston area, as well as people who work with ultra-high-net-worth clients and have expertise in alternative investments. Caprock’s goal is to find the right talent and ensure the right fit. 

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