Bell Beckham

Client Advisor

Bell Beckham is a Caprock Client Advisor located in Austin, Texas. She is dedicated to staying in line with each family’s unique financial needs and has extensive experience in the wealth management industry. She is responsible for acting as the CFO and CIO, serving each family and is excited to assist families in their investment journey.

Before joining Caprock, Bell worked at a family office serving high-net worth individuals in San Francisco.  She was responsible for client onboarding, managing the relationships between the firm and her clients, and growing the investment partnerships the firm offered.

Prior to entering the Wealth Management space, Bell worked for multiple start-ups and spent time as an Analyst at an energy company. She holds a B.S. from the University of Texas at Austin and although she has called multiple parts of the world her home, she is a Texan at heart.



As a child I wanted to be.. a Meteorologist, specifically a storm chaser. Growing up in West Texas you could see storms blow in on the horizon for miles.  There is something about the stillness and electricity before a storm that is calming yet equally unsettling at the same time.

Favorite place to visit is.. For me learning about a new culture is what makes a place so special.  It is hard to pick just one place, but Morocco and Vietnam definitely top the list.  I can see a Ho Chi Minh Trail motorbike tour in my future…

A saying I live by is.. Live each day like it is your last

Some skills I bring to the job are..  Empathy; being able to connect with any person on different levels is what makes life so special.  You never know what an individual might be going through, and not one size fits all.