Nicki Northcott

Client Advisor

I want to be remembered for… my kindness, honesty, and ability to bring the fun.  I try to teach my kids that kindness matters above all else.  I believe that honesty is key to making deep and lasting connections.  And fun…it’s what makes life worth living!

Some of the best skills I bring to my job are… empathy, organization, and a desire for connection.

When I am not at work, you might find me… skiing, biking, paddleboarding, or playing and relaxing in the Methow Valley.  I can also be found refereeing nonsensical arguments between my two children or sharing a glass of wine with close friends and family.

What makes you laugh the most? Kristen Wiig, Jim Gaffigan, and well-executed dad jokes.  My kids are also hilarious little people who generate laughter when it is needed most (and least).

What is a saying that you live by? Work hard and be nice to people