Families Need an Advocate

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Our Story

Established in 2005, Caprock is built on the belief that there is a better way to manage wealth. The firm is a privately-owned multi-family office with locations in San Jose, New York, Seattle, Newport Beach, Park City, Austin and Boise. With balance sheets as complex as corporations, financially successful families flourish when aligned with an objective partner. Caprock is uniquely positioned to serve this role, protecting and growing wealth by focusing on all aspects of a family’s balance sheet. We support wealthy families’ missions by bringing structure and order to their financial affairs through long-term planning and asset management, acting as an outsourced chief investment officer and chief financial officer.

Caprock advises on over $8 billion in client assets, with a particular focus and expertise in non-public markets. In addition, we are a market leader with a longstanding and principled approach to impact investing, having deployed over $2 billion in impact-oriented capital across all asset classes.

The Caprock Difference

We sit on the same side of the table as our clients as advocates- not salespeople- to provide objective advice on the entirety of their wealth. We do not sell products, charge placement fees, receive kickbacks from investment managers, take trade spreads and other sources of revenue so prevalent in the financial services industry. We get paid one way: from a single transparent advisory fee negotiated at the outset of a relationship. We value transparency at every stage and strive to build long-term relationships built on trust and mutual respect. If that appeals to you, then let’s talk.

Our Clients
We are proud to serve successful individuals and their families with diverse backgrounds including:
Founders and executives who have built and/or exited private companies
Professional Investors
General partners and fund managers from the venture capital, private equity, real estate, and public equity sectors
Pioneering Impact Investors
Innovators helping shape the industry
Professional Athletes
Current and future Hall of Fame athletes
High Profile Business and Government Leaders
Fortune 50 senior executives, public company board members, members of U.S. Congress, the Federal Reserve Board of Directors, and Governors

Our Guiding Principles

Investing in private markets is hard to do well and requires a strong commitment
Our due diligence framework, manager selection process, and reporting capabilities have evolved over 15 years
Direct experience is crucial when assessing any investments
Area experts bring unique perspectives to the due diligence and manager selection process
No two families are alike, therefore, no two portfolios should be alike
Every family has a unique set of objectives and goals that must be reflected in custom portfolio allocations
Most families want impartial advice but are unable to get it from other firms
100% of our revenues are derived directly from our clients to ensure no conflicts arise
Most families prefer to enjoy, rather than administer, their wealth
Our service model is designed to alleviate the pain points of managing complex wealth
Sustaining wealth through generations is not a foregone conclusion
It requires detailed long-term planning and strong execution and flexibility

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe the key to long-term wealth creation is consistent compounding of after-tax returns.

Avoiding significant portfolio drawdowns, which can take years to recover from, is the main principle of this concept. Caprock is in a unique position: our clients are already successful in their financial endeavors. It is our responsibility to maintain this situation by consistently safeguarding and growing wealth, regardless of the state of the market. We accomplish this by employing an endowment-like strategy to deliver consistent returns to our clients.