Our Vision


We’ve developed a set of insights based on years of experience helping families.

  • Families want impartial advice, but rarely get it
  • Most families prefer to enjoy, rather than administer, their wealth
  • No two families are alike, therefore, no two portfolios should be alike
  • Direct experience is crucial when assessing any investments
  • Sustaining wealth through generations is not a foregone conclusion

Private family offices emerged in the late 19th century when a handful of elite families amassed staggering wealth. To ensure it was passed on to future generations, these families organized private offices, staffed with full-time attorneys, accountants, and investment specialists. This structure ensured unbiased advice, comprehensive counsel, and diverse investments, with each discipline being managed by an expert who was responsible for growing and protecting the family’s wealth. The recent wealth explosion has once again created a demand for private family offices, but despite their value, the costs can often be prohibitive. And so, multi-family offices were created with similar advantages of a private office, with greater efficiencies.


The problem with traditional brokerage firms and banks is they are basically sales organizations peddling their own financial products. You get the best of what they have, but not necessarily the best solution for you. The bottom line is…these firms mostly watch out for their bottom line. Our family office is quite the opposite. We’re not salespeople. We’re advocates and financial partners who provide objective advice on the entirety of your wealth. We value transparency at every stage and strive to build long-term relationships built on trust and mutual respect. If that appeals to you, then let’s talk.

Our Story

Established in 2005, Caprock is a privately owned, multi-family office with locations in Newport Beach, Seattle, San Jose, Park City, New York and Boise. We are an SEC-registered investment advisor, advising on over $7.5 billion in client assets. We develop customized wealth strategies for individuals and families who don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to do it on their own. Our decisions are based on unbiased, rational analysis with one goal in mind: to protect and grow your wealth.