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Managing Complex Wealth
Managing Complex Wealth
/ Managing Complex Wealth
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Skillfully navigate the complexities of wealth with Caprock.

Managing wealth can be as complex as managing a corporation.

People with significant wealth face an array of complexities, including business entities, real estate and other assets, charitable accounts, taxable and tax-exempt statuses, cash flow and liquidity concerns, multiple generations of stakeholders, and various estate, legal, and tax advisors.

Caprock addresses the varying needs of our clients in an exceptional manner with a private, multi-family office that pairs unparalleled service with a solid organizational structure. Your family is the “CEO” of the engagement; we serve as your “CFO” (Chief Financial Officer) to manage your entire balance sheet, as well as your “CIO” (Chief Investment Officer) to oversee its preservation and growth.

You’ll gain a dedicated team of experts who truly understand your family’s needs and dynamics. Together, they will provide a coherent strategy, daily administration, and a sense of order.

Balance Sheet Analysis

Entity Analysis

Liquidity Planning

Liability Mapping

Generational Planning

Charitable Giving 

Advisor Coordination

Risk Management

Asset Allocation Modeling

Portfolio Execution

Pipeline Management

Manager Due Diligence

Terms & Structuring

Performance Monitoring


Cash Flow Management

Tax Management


Access your complete financial picture any time.

Caprock manages your complete balance sheet within a family office structure, eliminating the need for an army of experts who contribute to specific tasks and produce multiple reports.

Caprock’s financial reports are straightforward, comprehensive, and customizable to your needs. As your private multi-family office, Caprock will routinely review and update your balance sheet, no matter where your funds are invested, and make it available via a secure portal that is accessible 24/7.

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“Caprock’s sophisticated approach is highlighted by access to top tier funds. I appreciate their differentiated strategy with heavier weighting of private sector and longer term opportunities.”

Dan N., Former Fortune 500 Executive [Caprock client]

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