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Download our guide, “Successfully Navigating the Transition Between Business and Personal Wealth,” to learn how we can help you avoid common pitfalls by creating a sound transactional plan.  

Why CEOs and Founders Choose Caprock

At Caprock, we have delivered solutions for clients just like you since 2005. We help you navigate the complexities of exiting your business, deploying capital, mitigating risks, and positioning you to make sound decisions surrounding your personal wealth.

We are independent. We are accountable to no one but our clients.

We are specialized. Our team is experienced, accomplished, and talented. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have a greater understanding of the unique needs of successful business owners and their loved ones.

We are intentional. Our experienced professionals are mission-driven to align your wealth with your goals and to establish a multi-generational strategy that captures your goals and cements your family legacy.

At Caprock, Business is Personal

You are a successful entrepreneur who has poured all your energy into building your business. And you’ve just experienced a liquidity event, or you have one in your sights.

Your next chapter will be impacted by what you do right now – whether it includes launching another start-up or taking some time to slow down – and your choices can affect the financial security of your family for generations to come.

Helping you get this right is what we do best.

In-Depth Experience and Personalized Support

At Caprock, we have built our reputation on delivering customized, holistic service that meets clients where they are and takes them where they need to be. We provide support along your wealth continuum. You’ll work with a dedicated team of specialists to manage your balance sheet, centralizing every aspect of your financial and investment life.

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Pre- and post-liquidity planning

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Maximizing post transaction value

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Integrated tax, estate, and charitable planning

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Diversified investment strategy

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Wealth protection

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Navigating regulatory pitfalls

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“Prior to my liquidity event, I did some research on advisors, but levels of portfolios were different, and I quickly recognized that they didn’t have the same perspective and access. At Caprock, I can focus on wealth preservation with a full package of services including wealth planning, investing and estate planning.”

Andy E.,
[Successful Entrepreneur]

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