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Professional Athletes Have a Winning Team in Caprock

As a professional athlete, you have unique wealth management needs. You must maximize what you earn during your playing career and ensure your wealth is protected and grows over your lifetime, and beyond.

At Caprock, we understand that you want to enjoy the fruits of your success. But we also appreciate that you want to support your family and leave a meaningful legacy for future generations.

It’s About the Long Game

Caprock works with a select group of professional athletes who understand what an aligned multi-family office can accomplish for them and their families. We are not just your advisors. We are your advocates, vetting opportunities that come your way to ensure they fit into your long-term strategic plan – because knowing when to say “no” is often just as important as knowing when to say “yes.”

We have worked with professional athletes and their families for decades, so we understand their unique needs. Careers are frequently short while contracts can be far from guaranteed year to year. That’s why you need a comprehensive, sustainable game plan that not only allows you to maintain your lifestyle but grows and preserves your wealth for your heirs.

Your Wealth Management Playbook

Caprock works seamlessly with your existing professional team, including managers, attorneys and CPAs. With our dedicated approach, our advisors are there for you at every stage of your life and playing career, coaching and empowering you with all the tools you will need to take control of your financial future. Our guidance includes:

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Putting you at the center of an aligned team that helps set the course for your next chapter

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Creating a long-term plan to grow your wealth in a measured, diversified way

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Multi-generational wealth planning

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Cash-flow generation to replace lost income after contracts end

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Risk mitigation and estate planning to ensure your family is protected

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Incorporating private market investments such as venture capital, private equity, and real estate to ensure your wealth grows over generations

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Identifying and establishing channels to carry out charitable intent from foundations to philanthropy

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Providing resources and connections to help you launch your next career

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Whitney Warmack, CFP®, Managing Director, Client Advisor at Caprock

Signs You Need a Multi-Family Office

Are you a high-net-worth individual seeking personalized wealth management services? Discover the benefits of working with a multi-family office.

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“The Caprock team is always available to evaluate opportunities and discuss how they fit into my overall balance sheet. I have learned a lot over the years from these discussions.”

Former MLB Player [Caprock Client]

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Life is a team sport. It doesn’t end when you retire. Contact us today.

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