Business & Government Leaders

Why Do Leaders Choose Caprock? Results. 

You’re a senior executive, chairman of the board, or elected leader. You know, understand, and embody true leadership every day, and you seek the same in a financial partner. 

At Caprock, we’ll meet you at the nexus of financial excellence and strategic leadership. We’re not just an investment partner. We are your trusted advisor, committed to serving as the guardian of your wealth. 


Beyond Investment Execution

Imagine solving not only the complexities of your wealth but also expanding your opportunities. We go beyond investment execution, managing your entire personal balance sheet to give you the freedom and peace of mind to focus on being the best leader you can be. 

Focused Acumen. Unique Concerns.  

Caprock’s broad-based expertise in allocating capital and managing wealth is complemented by our team’s in-depth knowledge of the unique needs of these investing populations. We offer guidance in areas including: 

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Business Leaders

  • Stock options and tax planning 
  • Executive compensation 
  • Company stock ownership/concentration risk 
  • Formal employment agreements
  • Liquidity planning and lending solutions 
  • Equity or equity-based rights – holding requirements; disposition rules; regulatory requirements 
  • Benefits
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    Government Leaders

    • Transaction reporting requirements 
    • Trading limitations 
    • Benefits management 
    • Pension planning  

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    Whitney Warmack, CFP®, Managing Director, Client Advisor at Caprock

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    The equity market is like a roulette wheel and Caprock challenges this with a holistic approach and being a sounding board for alternative options. Caprock is like a quarterback who understands all the investments.

    Ben S., Caprock Client

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