A Blueprint for Sustained Wealth


Identifying What Matters Most

We recognize for many of our families, success is not just a number. Our clients tell us one of the things that that sets us apart is the way we approach getting to know you as a person and understanding your vision for yourself and your family. Years of experience have taught us that each family’s vision, missions, and concerns are truly unique. Unlike other firms, we do not assign you a category or plan based on a risk profile or time horizon. Think of us as a true partner to help uncover and align a plan based on what is most important to you. And experience the peace of mind knowing you have a partner in place to assist you in carrying out your family’s mission.

Managing Complex Wealth

Wealth can be as complex as a corporation for some clients, with business entities, real estate and other assets, charitable organizations, taxable/tax exempt status, cash flow and liquidity concerns, multiple generations of stakeholders, and various advisors.

The Caprock team’s depth of experience, diversity of backgrounds, and unmatched in-house expertise are all tailored to manage the complex needs of ultra-high net worth clients. As a family advocate and a single point of contact for daily administration, we assist in bringing order to what might occasionally seem like chaos.

We have created a process over years of working with large, complex families that is comparable to the connection between a CEO, CFO, and CIO in the business world.

Private Investing

Private markets continue to grow in both size and importance. Access to the fastest growing and most disruptive companies no longer occurs in public markets and this trend will continue. According to CB Insights, the number of “unicorns” (venture backed private companies with valuations in excess of $1 billion) has grown from just 8 in 2010 (worth a total of $21 billion) to over 1,200 as of October 2022 (worth approximately $3.8 trillion).

Investing capital in private markets is at the core of our focus and expertise, and we’ve been doing it successfully for over 15 years. We believe the ability to effectively allocate capital beyond traditional public markets (equity and fixed income) is central to successful portfolio outcomes. Non-public markets are often less efficient and regularly yield superior valuations, risk profiles, and tax efficiency than public market investments. It’s an area that is difficult for most advisors to get right, but Caprock is uniquely equipped to conduct due diligence, create access, and negotiate preferential terms for our clients (fees, minimums, liquidity provisions).

Entrepreneurs & Professional Investors

Highly successful entrepreneurs and seasoned investors have long relied on Caprock’s assistance in creating long-term strategic plans and asset allocations that take into account their individual goals and situation.


We have worked with a wide range of entrepreneurs from various industries to help them successfully plan for liquidity events. We provide:

  • Strategic Pre-Transaction Planning.  Helping you prepare for a successful exit by focusing on two primary goals: tax minimization and family planning. We create an integrated tax strategy that works in tandem with strategies and structure to protect your estate and meet your charitable and family gifting objectives.
  • Post-Transaction Planning and Execution.  Shifting the emphasis to liquidity planning and capital deployment through the development of a long-term asset allocation model that meets your family’s need for return, cash flow, and liquidity while also navigating the transition to your next chapter.
  • Integrated Tax Planning. Following valuation, structure and tax planning can have the greatest influence on your net worth. The three main areas of focus are transactional, personal, and estate tax planning. Most successful entrepreneurs consider one or two of these key areas, but few have an integrated plan to maximize value. We can assist you.
Professional Investors

Professional investors (general partners, real estate investors, and fund managers) value our experience, access, and toolbox, which includes:

  • Manage Concentrated Risk. Professional investors often have a large percentage of their net worth exposed to idiosyncratic risks associated with a particular strategy or sector. We construct diversified portfolios to hedge or complement concentrated exposures until more liquidity arises.
  • Offer High Quality Deal Flow. Caprock is a sophisticated and aligned partner with top tier access to opportunities outside your area of expertise or focal area.
  • Provide Integrated Reporting. Investing in multiple private partnerships with management fees, carried interest, co-investments and evolving ownership percentages can make understanding one’s overall financial picture difficult. These interests can be tracked and integrated into a consolidated performance and/or balance sheet using our reporting platform.
Integrated Impact Investing

Over the past decade, Caprock has invested over $2 billion of impact capital on behalf of clients across the six asset classes in which we invest1.

We work with clients across the “impact continuum,” from those who are deeply committed to a portfolio 100% invested through an impact lens to those whose families are genuinely interested but have not yet deployed capital or defined their mission. It is our goal to meet families where they are today and work with them to develop a strategy that aligns with their personal values.

Caprock is a founding B-Corp. On behalf of our clients, we’ve seeded highly successful impact funds, early investors to catalyze pioneering DEI impact vehicles, scale across all asset classes.