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Impact Investing Done Well

We understand that, for many families and foundations, wealth isn’t defined by what their portfolios are worth – it’s more about making sure investments reflect values and have the capacity to create real, positive change in the world. 

Caprock has a unique, purposeful approach that will help your wealth grow, create an impact, and leave a legacy. It’s based on our unwavering commitment to designing portfolios that generate measurable impact aligned with your investment objectives and your unique mission and values. 

Pioneers in Impact Investing

From Caprock’s beginning, we believed one need not accept lower financial returns to invest for impact. Our impact-focused advisors and investment team members are recognized as leaders in the industry. We work with clients spanning the entire “impact continuum,” from nonprofits with 100% mission-aligned portfolios to values-driven families who are merely curious about the mission investing discipline. 

What You Can Expect From Caprock 

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Founding B Corp.

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Diverse private market investments

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Finance-first approach

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Proprietary Impact reporting

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Integrated tax, estate, and charitable planning

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We wanted a personalized, more intimate experience when looking for a financial manager. We needed someone to get to know us and help us navigate the investment journey. In the end, the people are the ones that led to choosing Caprock.


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