Greg Mech

Managing Director, Client Advisor
Greg Mech, Managing Director, Client Advisor at Caprock

About Me

I have wanted to be in the investment business for as long as I can remember. Being able to help families identify their values while creating solutions that reflect what is most important to them is something that really differentiates us. 

Caprock serves its clients like a true family office. We can help families have a beneficial impact on their inheritors and the larger community thanks to our organizational structure. I’m able to work effectively with my clients to fulfill their unique purpose and mission. 

One client of mine is a prime example of this. Widowed with no heirs, she was unsure what to do with her wealth. We came together to discuss how she could use her wealth in a way that closely aligns with her principles and goals. Together we built a philanthropic strategy to help fulfill what was most important to her. As a result, she now provides college prep and education to girls who normally wouldn’t have the opportunity. To date, she has funded over 60 scholarships and will go on to impact over 4,000 children with college and environmental prep. 

Being able to help my clients pass on their values as well as their wealth is the most gratifying part of my job. As an industry leader, Caprock allows me to truly advocate for my clients by identifying investments that can fulfill what matters most to them. 

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B.A. – Northwestern University 

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Bring Change to Mind  

City of Laguna Beach Investment Committee Member

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Golfing, equestrian sports 

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