Jefferson Jewell

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Compliance Officer
Jefferson Jewell, COO, Chief Compliance Officer at Caprock

About Me

When I was a corporate lawyer, then an entrepreneur, wealth management didn’t register with me as anything more than following the financial markets in the news – it wasn’t something I took a lot of notice of. 

One of the Caprock co-founders and I were in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization together. I’ll never forget when he mentioned that Caprock clients don’t really follow the stock markets due to the bulk of their assets being in private investments. I was intrigued by this; it was so different. After learning more about Caprock, I realized this place isn’t a traditional wealth management firm. A few years later, when the company I co-founded was acquired, Caprock invited me to join the team. 

Spending the entirety of my career in professional services, I have developed a proven process: understand how and why a business functions the way it does, figure out how to improve the way it operates, then execute a plan to build it better. Caprock is the perfect place for someone like me, with versatility in operational experience, just enough technical background to be dangerous, and a willingness to tinker – sometimes with things that might not appear to be broken. 

I truly enjoy the eclectic mix of it all, the unique investments for families, and the wonderful stories of how they built their wealth. Being able to work with people who are truly passionate about their work and are committed to helping their clients is extremely gratifying. 

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B.A. in History – University of California, Los Angeles

B.A. in Political Science – University of California, Los Angeles

J.D. in Corporate Law and Finance – Cornell Law School 


Family, alpine skiing, skeet shooting, hiking, and travel

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