Kellen Schmitz, CFA

Investment Research Associate
Kellen Schmitz, CFA, Investment Research Associate at Caprock

About Me

My experience as a wildland firefighter taught me about resilience and decision-making under pressure. Those lessons became instrumental in shaping my approach to investing. I found a compelling parallel between fighting fires and navigating the financial markets – both require a deep understanding of the landscape, a well-prepared team, and an indomitable spirit. This insight and my passion for financial markets solidified my interest in investment management. 

I focus on sourcing, evaluating, and managing private investment opportunities for Caprock clients. With a background in the fundamental valuation of infrastructure and venture-backed companies, I bring a perspective that balances the lofty visions of the startup world with the realities of a well-structured portfolio. 

I was initially drawn to Caprock because of its reputation in the impact and private investment space. Our firm has built a world-class team of investment professionals focused on providing clients with the best possible private investment options. 

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B.S. in Accounting – University of Oregon 

B.S. in Economics – University of Oregon 

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CFA® charterholder


Woodworking, photography, skiing, and mountain biking

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