Matt Swanson

Reporting Systems Lead
Matt Swanson, Reporting Systems Lead at Caprock

About Me

I enjoy working in wealth management because it allows me to see the human side of the investment world. My specialty is designing scalable and efficient solutions to complex problems. I have always had a passion for finding the “right” answer. As the Reporting System Lead, I can continue honing those problem-solving skills and building best practices. 

Our team expertly blends the excitement of expanding into various and diverse investment opportunities while also focusing on meeting goals for individuals and families. As a result, I keep the perfect balance of pursuing cutting-edge investments while keeping in touch with the very human side of risk management. 

There is a great spirit of teamwork and passion here at Caprock and it is something that I have used to propel me in my role. Everyone is working hard towards the same goals and that unity of purpose really helps keep everyone motivated to work together and rely on each other. 

One project that I have really enjoyed is being part of our reporting system workflow refresh. It has required me to work closely with the different teams and ensure that all their needs are taken care of as we change our system. This experience has been a great way for me to really get to know everyone and understand how they work so that I can better ensure they are in a place to succeed as we design our workflows. 

Joined Caprock



Park City 


B.S. in Finance – Brigham Young University 


Soccer, skiing and snowboarding, reading, golf, watching sports 

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