Natalie Holm, CFA

Managing Director, Client Advisor
Natalie Holm, CFA, Managing Director, Client Advisor at Caprock

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Early in my career, I faced a pivotal choice between entering the world of institutional consulting or private wealth management. The choice was clear to me – the opportunity to cultivate enduring personal connections with families over the course of 25 years has proven to be profoundly fulfilling and purposeful. 

My passion lies in assisting families in harmonizing their wealth with their deeply held values. Each conversation begins with discovery, where I help surface each family member’s aspirations. Together, we articulate the family’s mission and values, creating a compass to guide future generations. 

In a recent instance, one of my clients grappled with the complexities of establishing a trust for their child. Beyond merely discussing the mechanics and tax benefits, we delved into the intention behind the trust: an embodiment of love, intended to support their child’s aspirations rather than imposing burdensome conditions. Together, we crafted a blueprint for a mentoring relationship between the trustee and beneficiary, emphasizing empowerment instead of control. The depth of our engagement left my clients deeply appreciative, exclaiming, “This is exactly what we were seeking!” 

One of the reasons I am drawn to Caprock is its unwavering commitment to serving our clients’ best interests. We are not driven by product sales or external revenue sources; our sole focus is providing unbiased advice and a transparent advisory fee. This level of transparency fosters a complete alignment with our clients, instilling a sense of trust that is paramount to me. 

I am humbled by the extraordinary privilege of accompanying families on their wealth journey, empowering them to shape their legacies with authenticity and compassion. Together, we unlock the potential for lasting impact and meaningful transformation. 

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B.A. in Business Leadership University of Puget Sound 

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CFA® charterholder

CFA Institute and CFA Society of Seattle – Current Member

Childhaven – Board of Trustees and Finance Committee (2010 – 2016) 


Impact investing, music, hiking, paddleboarding 

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