Richard Rock

Chief Investment Officer
Richard Rock, Chief Investment Officer at Caprock

About Me

Two things made me want to work in wealth management. First, the wealth management industry is full of conflicts. I knew there had to be a better way to bring high-quality advice to families without the conflicts that plague our industry. Second, I love serving families and being able to provide clarification and organization to complex issues. 

I serve as the Chief Investment Officer. My background includes a diverse set of experiences ranging from tech start-ups to real estate, and even biotech. This cross-functional training has prepared me to view portfolio construction and manager selection through a unique lens that differs greatly from many other CIOs in our industry. 

We formed Caprock to serve families well, help them invest in great managers, and have a lot of fun building something meaningful with friends and colleagues. I enjoy working with successful clients, caring and hard-working colleagues, and some of the best private fund managers in the world. 

Joined Caprock



San Jose 


University of Idaho 

Stanford Graduate School of Business 


I love to read and learn in order to teach and inform 

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