Post-Sale, a Young Entrepreneur Faces an Age-Old Question. Now What?

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Find out how Andy worked with Caprock to resolve his concerns and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the business sale. 

Executive Summary

In 2009, Andy, a successful young business owner, received a compelling and unexpected offer from a larger competitor and sold his business, with limited pre- or post-transaction planning in place. As a result, Andy and his family were faced with the complexities that accompany a significant liquidity event and the uncertainties of navigating life beyond his business. By engaging the specialists at Caprock, who are familiar with such scenarios and experienced in addressing the resultant financial, professional, and personal challenges, Andy and his family transformed a potentially volatile scenario into a well-conceived and well-executed long-term blueprint for success on all fronts.


  • 35-year-old sole proprietor; married with two children
  • New to the financial, practical, and emotional complexities associated with the sale of a business
  • Subject to a non-compete clause, necessitating maximum financial flexibility for the family
  • Not interested in retiring and wanted to continue entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Recognized the need for broad wealth management expertise

Prior to my liquidity event, I did some research on advisors, but levels of portfolios were different, and I quickly recognized that they didn’t have the same perspective and access. At Caprock, I can focus on wealth preservation with a full package of services including wealth planning, investing, and estate planning.”

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