Jessica Haberman

Director of Compliance

My feet in the sand on the edge of the ocean makes me happy.

On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me on a run, doing yoga, riding my bike or on a hike.  Then, home to enjoy my cup of coffee on my couch with my family.

Having friends and family over for a meal is a favorite of mine. Entertaining with good food, good drinks, good conversations and the kids running wild in the backyard fills my heart.

My greatest accomplishment is ongoing. Balancing a full-time career with a family. Navigating life with a husband, school-aged kids (twins!), my own needs, and a career fits my speed. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Football is my game. The Idaho Vandals and the Pittsburgh Steelers are my teams. I even played intramural football in college. I love everything about it.

I’m obsessed with sandwiches and salads. There is the perfect sandwich or salad for every occasion and meal. The combinations of textures and flavors…amazing!!!

Clarity motivates me. Breaking down concepts that would seem obscure or difficult to grasp into bite-sized pieces and come away with a new understanding is something to which I always look forward.


Jessica joined Caprock during the company’s founding and currently heads up our compliance efforts. She began her career working with The Owyhee Group, a Boise-based boutique advisory team within Smith Barney. While there, her primary role was guiding the client experience team.

Jessica holds a B.S. in Visual Communications from the University of Idaho.