Inequality Seen as a ‘Symptom,’ Investors Tackle Cause

Excerpt from January 19th Bloomberg Brief’s top story, written by Emily Chasan:

As the rich get richer and the poor — well — don’t, impact investors are looking to put capital to work to address global wealth gaps. But rather than just targeting the kinds of projects historically tied to income inequality, they’re pushing into virgin territory with a whole new perspective on the issue.

Although impact investors looking to reduce wealth disparities have traditionally focused on affordable housing projects or community development banks, impact investors are now looking to address concerns like food quality in urban areas and access to clean potable water, said Matthew Weatherly-White, managing director of Caprock. While those services may seem less direct, they can be effective at increasing opportunity and wellness over the long-term, ultimately reducing income inequality, says Weatherly-White, who advises wealthy investors on impact investments.

The short article goes on to mention some other notable players with BIG plans toward this goal. Also, note an illuminating graph that depicts the gradation of income inequality across several countries.

Caprock cameo is on the first page. 1 minute read. We highly recommend it.

Written by Emily Chasan and published by Bloomberg Briefs.